Clydesdale and Athena Cyclists

This podcast discusses all things involved with larger athletes and what considerations and factors are involved with being a cyclist.  Darryl and Victor are joined by Chris Donnelly who began cycling at 6’2″, 400+ pounds and continues today at around 300 pounds.

Chris is a great guy with a lot of information and motivation to share.  Listen in and hear about his experience doing an Ironman last year.

The discussion includes great insight into how a person in this situation can perform best as a cyclist and provides motivation to those who are intimidated by getting started.

The terms Clydesdale and Athena are used in the classification for athletes with men (Clydesdale) falling into this category when they are over 6 feet and 200 pounds, and women (Athena) over 145 pounds.

Tune in to this edition of the Cycling 360 Podcast for information on:

  • Is there a TOO big to ride?
  • What are the equipment requirements for bigger cyclists?
  • What clothing is recommended?
  • Why you should wear spandex/lycra even if you’re not comfortable with the idea
  • Nutrition on the bike.  How fuel properly due to burning more
  • How to get started?
  • Finding people to ride with
  • Hill climbing pointers for bigger cyclists
Additional Notes:

Cycling for Optimal Weight

The Journey TV – Chris Donnelly


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  1. Bit of advice that was the best.. enjoy your riding.

    Even though I wasn’t the size of Chris I was putting pounds on a while back. Ride the bike where you want to and enjoy it, I lost 25lbs without even noticing because I was having so much fun on the bike.

    My early rides were usually only around an hour long. Just took some water and no need for extra food. Shorter rides meant that it was confidence building and I could really get to know how my body was able to handle the rides.

    So just like we learn to walk, start small, build up that basic stamina and strength. Don’t bite off too much by trying to do a 3 hour ride and fail. That can really put you off riding. It all comes in time..

    Enjoy the ride

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