Before we can learn how to improve Spread Betting Profits, we must first have a better understanding of what it is. This means we need to look at the present information available and determine whether the Tropez system fits the bill. This is an interesting concept because unlike the other systems available, this one actually tells you where to find the data you are looking for! OK, now that that is cleared up; let’s take this vital piece of information and see whether or not the Tropez System can actually work in the way that is claimed.

This system is actually a scatter fortnightly newsletter that is sent to you on the second and fourth of each month. The system is owned and operated by Tom McEvoy and is based on the best available information available. It is a straightforward informational newsletter with the sole objective of improving the chances of your spread betting account growing during the month. You will only be interested in the factors and principles relating to spread betting if you want to make money, therefore the information provided in the newsletter is exactly that, simply stated. There are no magical tricks, strategies or discounts – noaffle because anyone who invests the time and effort involved will learn something. The only newsletter that you will receive from The Spread Betting Expert will contain the actual nuts and bolts of the actual concept, not some sales pitch claiming you will be £100 profit a month by following their instructions.

If you have no interest in spread betting and you currently hold an account in its infancy, you shouldn’t worry because you will still receive the tips that will help you to remain a winner. You will only be interested in the factors and principles of the actual method and not some random idea of the Oscars. If you are currently struggling to make any money from spread betting, you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to turn something that you love into a money making opportunity.

The basis of The Spread Betting Expert’s system is a simple one, but it will take you time to understand and begin to profit from it. First, you need to become aware of the factors that need to be taken into account in order to reduce the spread of the football pools you are working with. Once you find these factors; you need to update them regularly and monitor them to discover new factors as they come into play. This is the hard and fascinating part of the system – and if you can do it, you will start to make money from your football pools.

The first thing to do is to create a spread sheet of the factors you are going to use, such as the ones that deal with the team and player stats, the recent form, and anything else that moves the needle on a football match. Once you have a quick look at this spread sheet, you will find there are already several factors on it that will tell you more than you can possibly learn in one evening. Flick through them and find the ones that stand out the most obviously and these are the ones you are going to use.

Once you have found your hot numbers, these are the ones you are going to use on your football spreadsheets. These are the ones that everyone else tends to use, so if you are after some added exposure to the markets then these are the ones to fall in line with. A hot number is a number that is used more than once in a football match and if it is used it is most likely to be a hot number. This number refers to the match being played on and the score for the first half, as opposed to the score or a win/loss for the first half of a match.

There are many other statistics available through teevee and these statistics can be used on any of the hundreds of MPO777 leagues in the world. This is just a starting point for you and if you want to follow some sort of a proven strategy then these statistics are a good place to start.