In all walks life there are winners, and losers, and people that just seem to be everywhere. There are winners that seem to win all the time, and there are losers that seem to never win anything at all. About half of all people will fall into the “win or lose” category, but what about the other half? What makes some people winners and what makes others losers?

There are people that seem to win and then there are people that seem to never win anything at all. The people that never win are the ones that are affected the most by gambling. The gambling can take away their ability to naturally earn money. It can enable a person to go in debt, and beyond debt, into broken relationships, physical pain and even death. This is because the person is trying to win back everything they put out on the table the very moment they won it.

CDs are also used in gambling. Many people listen to music when they gamble and playing jayapoker, therefore the CDs can also be used to pile up the cards, thoughinder and other such things are strictly used in mind games and not to accumulate wealth.

The second group of people is the winners. They usually win small amounts over time, but win something at least once out of every twenty visits to the casino. They build wealth from their visits and over time, their visits become more common, which enables them to naturally invest more and earn even more.

The last category is the poor people. They usually have little more than they invest and they are left shining by their lack of effort. If they want something, they work at it, sometimes evenings and weekends, until they get exactly what they want. Though they have to work, many times committing to mind games can be difficult and hobbies, neglects training and other related activities that can also bring real money.

There are three things you need to understand about the difference between winners and losers.

  1. Most winners play to win, but lose playing. They have accepting the prospect of losing as part of the process of winning.
  2. Most losers play with no clear idea of what they are trying to win. They will continue to gamble until completely broke. They are the ones that will remember the winnings and place them into the obscure, forgotten, or opportunistic areas of their lives that they have over time, until they are completely broke.
  3. Finally, there are the real winners, those that have won more than once and those that have only won a prize or two. They know that to be a winner, you are supposed to consistently raise your hands in the game of life, the same as you do with poker.

When you understand that, you will be able to appropriate your mindset. You will be able to either treat the money you win as capital, as profit, or you can take that money or leave it. You are either a rich person or a poor person, nothing in between.

Do not continue to gamble, gamble Responsibly!