Weight Loss for Cyclists

There are a lot of people who use cycling as an aid in obtaining their goal weight.  But just jumping on the bike is not always enough to attain your weight loss goals.

In this podcast, Darryl and Victor go over nutrition based and on the bike options that will help you lose weight.  We’d like to disclose that neither Victor or Darryl are licensed nutritionists, so the information found in this podcast is based on their personal knowledge and experience.

Listen to this podcast on weight loss and find out:

  • Easy ways to immediately move forward in your weight loss goals
  • How Calories in vs. Calories burned equates to weight loss
  • Personal stories and advice from Darryl and Victor
  • Do you need gels and sports drinks?
  • Strategies and tips for ways to lose weight through cycling
  • Plus much more valuable information on weight loss

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  1. renee shapurji says

    thanks for more great information. Perfect to listen to while preparing dinner. Every time you deliver a podcast i post to my riders as a little “homework” for listening and post class discussion the next time we meet.
    I have 2 questions…
    Would you share some pre and post class snack/food suggestions for my indoor riders?
    What are some lower strength training exercises that won’t sabotage the legs for the next ride? I try to alternate my lower and upper strength training based on my ride schedule but sometimes i find i’ve over stressed my legs and hips that my next ride has to be and easier profile.

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