Using Cycling to get Out of your Mind

96938We all know that cycling can be an excellent escape from day to day stress and things that consume our minds.  But it’s also important to know how to focus on your ride, get in your training, and still clear your head.

This is the third installment of our Motivation Series, and this time around Darryl and Victor talk about the ways in which cycling can be used to help you “Get Our of your Mind”.

In this episode:

  • The most important thing to remember when wanting to clear your mind on the ride.
  • Why Darryl says you should leave your cell phone at home when you go riding.
  • Using cycling as your meditation
  • The guaranteed regret of our generation when we get older
  • Make time for maintaining your bike, or else you’ll need to make time for repair
  • All this plus other ideas for clearing your head and focusing on your ride.

Today’s episode of the Cycling 360 podcast is brought to you by AfterShokz wireless headphones.

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