Tracking your Miles, and More

Do you track your cycling performance and metrics?  What methods do you use?  In this podcast, the Cycling 360 crew goes over the purpose of tracking your cycling, what things should be tracked, and some of the best methods of capturing your reports.

There is no shortage of options when it comes to logging your miles and other information, and in this podcast we go over:

  • Why you should be tracking
  • What you should be tracking and paying attention to
  • What do I do with this data once I have collected it?
  • How can tracking my performance make me a better cyclist?
  • What the tracking methods have to offer
  • Plus the Cycling 360 quick tip from Coach Rob, and more.

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Celebrating your Achievements


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  1. Hey Guys!

    First, GREAT SHOW! I just found you guys a week or two ago and have listened to you constantly since in the truck! I’m almost completley caught up, so keep ’em coming!

    On the topic of tracking your data, I have been using a Garmin Edge 305 for almost 6 years now and faithfully upload after every ride. I use Garmin Connect and mainly record KM (Yup, Canadian..yeah metric system!), time, avg/max HR and the one thing your guys didn’t mention in the show, elavation gained. I use all of that data to push myself and continue improving, but at the end of the day my goals are focused around Total KM and Meters Climbed.

    I should also qualify that, I’m a non-racing cross country mountain biker who loves climbing. I have a short back-ground in road riding, having grown up in the city and owning two road bikes up until recently. I also do ALL of my own wrenching, and wrench for friends and ride-mates, so I loved the ‘cast on Bike Repairs too!

    Keep up the good work, Keep the ‘casts coming, and most of all keep the rubber side down (listend to the Crash ‘Cast yesterday)!

    • Thanks Evan!

      Glad you like the show. We should have one out each Friday baring some kind of internet catastrophe.

      You bring up a good point on data tracking. Our shows are influenced first by the co-hosts experience and focus. Then by the questions, feedback and comments our listeners leave us. It’s something we missed probably because Victor, Darryl and I are not doing training specifically for climbing ourselves.

      I love looking at climbing data but I have always looked at data a bit differently than most. I train to time not distance so I don’t think as much about distance or elevation. I do however coach to the grade of climb and how long it takes to complete a climb.

      What is so great about bike computers is that they are collecting more and more novel data each year. Don’t be surprised to see bike computer start collecting even more physiological data on riders beyond HR data.

      – Coach Rob

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