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No matter what kind of cyclist you are or what kind of cycling you do, we all need clothing when out on the bike.  In this Cycling 360 podcast, the guys discuss cycling clothing and what all would be considered to be part of a “kit”.

Have a listen to this roundtable discussion where Darryl, Victor, and Rob go over all the details on jerseys, shorts, bibs, helmets, gloves, sunglasses, shoes, and so much more.  In this podcast you will find out about:

  • Different types of cycling clothing and the use of the word “kit”.
  • What to look for in a jersey and shorts.
  • The importance of good sunglasses.
  • The most important things to have in your kit, no matter what your budget.
  • Race cut VS Club cut Jerseys.
  • Proper fit for shoes.
  • The Cycling 360 Quick Tip, and everything else you need to know about cycling clothing.

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  1. You guys talked about allergies with clothing. I have been having allergies to the ruberized grippers or sometimes the stitching on bibs around my thights. Do you guys know of any brand that has a hypoallergenic line or brand that has worked for others that have this problem? I have tried many brands both cheap & expensive with the same results. Bibs are just too expensive for me to keep trying diffrent ones. Any ideas?

    • Hey Eric,

      Could be an allergic reaction to latex. Lets talk about it on our next call.

      – Coach Rob

  2. Hey guys. I just found your podcast last week and have had a listen to 5 or 6 episodes now. Great stuff. No nonsense insight into the world of cycling. I wanted to add some insight to purchasing clothing for winter riding. I live in south-central Pennsylvania but had not ridden outside past November until this year. I think for those looking to cycle during the winter can apply the same techniques I have to ride on these cold winter mornings.

    In addition to my normal kit, I added a few things so that I can ride comfortably down to an air temp of about 20 degrees. I use arm and leg warmers (obviously) but may purchase some full length bibs next year. I will also layer a long sleeve t-shirt over my arm warmers but under my jersey for added layering. If you decide to ride in the winter, you may want to consider booties for over your shoes. Your toes will stay toasty warm.

    Two things I feel are most important. Full-finger, insulated gloves (I picked up a pair on sale at my LBS) and a beanie for under your helmet to cover your head and ears. The gloves will set you back about $50 but the beanie will only be $10 and both will be worth every penny.

    I’ve only been a ‘serious’ road cyclist for about three (3) years now but I just thought I’d add a little help to the other newbies.


    • Tim,

      Thanks for the input. You are right about the gloves! They are a must have investment along with a beanie or even better yet a baklava. While it’s not always comfortable to ride when it’s 20*f it is dooable with everything you mentioned.

      Coach Rob


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