Taking Care of your Bike in the Off Season

Take Care of Your Bike

For many cyclists, the weather prevents them from riding through the winter.  Even during the off season, your bike still needs care and attention if you’re using it on the trainer or hanging it up for the winter.

In this podcast, Darryl and Victor go over some of the important aspects of maintaining your bike in the off season.

If you can’t ride through the winter:

  • How to prep your bike for not being ridden for a few months

  • What will happen to your bike if you don’t take care of it while it’s in storage?

  • How often do you need to work on a bike that’s not being ridden/what do you need to do?

Taking some time to work on your bike:

  • What are some longer term repairs/maintenance you can be doing while your bike is banished to the garage?

  • How can you learn the skills to put hours into taking care of your bike this off season and put those into practice.

If you ride through winter:

  • Is there any special gear you might need for tending to on the bike issues during cold weather?
  • Is there any particular care you need to take after a ride in cold weather (the bike seems to get more wet/grimy/etc, what does that mean you need to do).

Additional Notes:

Victor’s Basic Bicycle Maintenance Class

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  1. Steve Long says

    Hi guys, thanks for the podcasts, love the information you are able to share with us.
    So here in Canada, I’m putting the bike away for the winter and listening to the most recent podcast, it seems ok to hang the bike upside down in hooks mounted in the garage ceiling. My question is does this damage the wheels at all if left like this for 3 months?


    • Steve

      Thanks for listening. Great question. No this will not damage the wheels at all. One thing to be careful about is that some hooks can scratch the wheels if you are not careful, especially if you have carbon wheels.

      Cheers! Victor

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