Stretching and the Foam Roller

One of our listeners, Andrew Ebling, wrote in and asked about cycling stretches and the foam roller….so Darryl got right on it.  He’s actually posted about his preferred stretches and use of the foam roller before, but never has put it up as a quick tip.  So here it is.

In this quickcast, Darryl explains his recommended cycling stretches and how to incorporate the foam roller into the mix.  Explaining stretches can be difficult, so we’ve included links to some video below as well.

Recommended Cycling Stretches

Using the Foam Roller

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  1. Really appreciate the podcast on stretching and the roller. I hadn’t thought much about it until I heard the podcast. It makes perfect sense and I appreciate the link to the stretching videos. They really do help. FYI Darryl, That roller on the IT band is TORTURE!!!!! Necessary but still, that baby hurts. Thanks for passing on the tips and knowledge. 🙂

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