Proper Breathing for Cyclists

Proper Breathing for Cyclists

Proper breathing is one of the most basic and effective ways for you to improve your cycling performance.  Yes, it’s something we all do and don’t even think about it.  But by breathing differently, you can greatly improve your performance and well being.

This topic is not readily discussed in the cycling circles, but all you have to do is watch any pro cyclist to see that they have been trained and have implemented proper breathing techniques.

This podcast will educate and inform you on breathing and how to use it to your advantage.  Tune in to find out more:

  • Breathing for Recovery
  • Improve your RPE
  • Taking control of your breathing
  • Proper breathing techniques
  • Tips on how to make proper breathing come naturally
  • Breath control
  • Improved performance through breathing
  • Plus so much more

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  1. Bob Burpee says

    I had been having problems but it wasn’t till after I was diagnosed with sleep apnea that I gave much thoughts to my breathing while on the bike. I realized that I was guilty of shallow breathing. I’ve been practicing deep breathing techniques on the trainer (good place to practice) and found that it helps keep my HR down about 5-7 bpm. This really helps me on those long, gradual climbs (the steep ones still kick my ass). Great podcast.

  2. Cave Dave says

    Nice podcast. One of the first things I learned in college in public speaking class was diaphramatic breathing. Proper breathing facilitates the base for better performance on and off the bike. The name of the yoga breathing technique you were talking about is called Pranayama.

    Thanks guys,

  3. Oscar Almada says

    I will try better breathing next time, because I get tired real easy

    Thanks for all your advise

  4. Mark Eidem says

    Hello Victor / Darryl,

    Thanks for discussing this in the latest podcast.

    Breathing being such an automatic process is very often over looked and taken for granted. But like any muscle in your body it can be trained with focused effort and for which the rewards for this effort are simply amazing.

    When you are looking to gain a few percent improvements, training your diaphragm can give you nearer ten percent improvement. So why wait !

    Playing the turmpet, you soon need to learn diaphram breathing, which today as an active cyclist plays the same key role.

    I would point any who is interested, to look at Alison McConnell’s book “Breathe Strong, Perform Better”, which covers a range of sports including a big discussion on cycling and how critcial breathing is in race, tri and TT events.

    As an actual training aid to develop your diaphragm musle look to the products she developed, initially for medical/clinical nned, but subsequently for sports. This is the POWERbreathe and is widely available on-line/Amazon etc.

    Personally I began with the POWERBreathe Plus, but being fascinated with statistics and numbers and to visually see the daily changes you can make, I did eventually get the POWERbreathe K5.Simply an amazing device !

    Best regards, Mark

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