Making Upgrades to your Bike

You might hear some cyclists saying (or you might say this yourself), “I really need to buy [a new bike] [get new wheels] [etc] to make me a better cyclist.  If only it were that easy, right?  Well there are upgrades that you can make to your bike that will help you perform better, but there is a lot more to this topic then just picking up the new additions, getting on your bike, and becoming better.  The Cycling 360 guys go over this topic in detail and suggest brands, upgrades, and provide information on what will suit you best.

Tune in to this podcast on upgrading your bike to find out:

  • Questions to ask yourself before making an upgrade to your bike.
  • The major upgrades you can make and what to look for in your choices.
  • Specific upgrades that all Triathletes should think about.
  • Affordable upgrades that are easy on your budget and go far in the way of performance.
  • If tires and tubes improve your performance.
  • And a whole lot of other great tips and suggestions, including the Cycling 360 quicktip.

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Schwalbe Ultremo ZX Tires

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  1. Found you guys recently and have been catching up on podcasts. I really enjoy them, you have a lot of great information. I’m wondering about the Wellgo Xpedo pedals you mentioned on this episode. Any recommendations on where to buy them online?


  2. I have an older all steel Bianchi Eros which has some upgrades such as wheels and rear derailler. It has a triple crank, but i rarely use the smallest chain ring. Would I benefit much by installing a compact double? Is it worth the expense? Thanks and love the podcasts.

    • Hi Tim, Yes going with a compact crank and ditching the triple is a good idea as it is a significantly lighter set up, sometimes smoother shifting and much easier to maintain. Standard and compact cranks will stay tuned while my experience with triples has proven that they need more tuning attention. Unfortunately switching to a new standard or compact can be expensive. You will need to replace Cranks, Rings, front and rear derailleurs, cassette, and maybe breaks/shifters. So I usually advise cyclists to look for a bike with these components instead. But if you really want to upgrade go for it.

  3. guillermo grande says

    Nice… just found you and plan to come back for more.

  4. Hi guys, another great podcast. Any recommendations for a few specific non “ultra-lightweight” lightweight tubes?

    • Hey Lance about the best thing we can say about ultralight tubes is that I (Coach Rob) and Victor are not a fan of latex tubes. We both ridden ultralight butyl tubes and have good luck with both Performance Bikes Lunar Lights and Continental Super Sonic Race Tubes.

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