Living and Cycling in Remote Areas

Living and Cycling in Remote Areas

Some of us may dream of living in isolated areas, or maybe you already are.  What are the important factors to consider and deal with when you live somewhere with no bike shop or cycling equipment nearby?

This podcast deals with the idea of living in a remote area and ways to ensure you can still get the most out of your cycling.  Darryl and Victor go over everything from the definition of living remotely to the equipment and knowledge that goes a long way in keeping you on your bike.  Plus Darryl talks about his real life preparations to remote living and how his local bike shop, SouthWest CycleSport is helping him out.

Have a listen as the guys discuss:

  • How isolated can you really be these days?
  • What basic knowledge should you have if living in a remote area?
  • Where can you go to obtain this knowledge?
  • The tools and parts you should have on hand.
  • The magical number of 1,500 miles and what parts generally need replacing at that time.
  • Victor’s list of important items to bulk up on.

Plus the Cycling 360 Quicktip and much more.

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  1. Kevin Eklund says

    I just started listening Great show Fellas and Gals.

    My comment about the traveling abroad would also go into living at home!

    Personally, I think you should at all times in your house hold carry all the items for you bike that you are stating when travelling.

    Why because all bike shops no matter how big the city (Calgary, AB) have stupid %$%$#Q%#$%$ (not sure the swear word) hours!


    Closed on Mondays, Sundays or Mondays and Tuesdays.
    Or not open until 12:00. On Saturdays & Sundays.

    I hate having a pal tell me ohh yeah we did this swagalistic trail/road ride that was so amazing should have been there dude!


    Every spring I go through this routine. (Mountain biker & Roadie)

    I get out all my tools and inspect them including on the bike tools and PUMPS especially,

    I carry spares of

    1 set of brake pads for the mountain bike
    1 set of brake pads for road bike
    1 set of brake cables and 1 set of shifter cables and housing.

    Ask a shop they will give you the end caps and some cable caps.

    1 set of tires for the mountain bike
    1 set of road tires. You always find the slashes at 10 pm at night when you have a group ride at 7 am in the morning.
    3 extra tubes for each bike & a bottle of stans if you are tubeless.
    1 bar tape
    1 chain both my bikes 10 speed if bikes are different chains then carry both.

    1 complete bleed kit (ask a shop they will order what they use) with 1 big jug of brake oil

    I think you guys can be a bit more specific also on the show. It will help for mechanics and guru’s to chime in via this way and add a cool neat trick. I know that is how I learnt that the best way to put grips is using some hand sanitizer.

    I have another comment about the saddle sore show!

    Great points from your guys all around. You missed the one that when people follow with the post ride rule of get out of the kit ASAP.

    If you go #2 any time during the day jump in the shower and wash you have the extra 2 minutes. Never kit up without having a clean arse sorry to say it but I think it is the best tip regarding saddle sores.

    Never wear your kit in the car to a group ride even if it is a 10-20 minute drive.

    Thanks Guys & Gals

    Tail winds for you on the next ride.

    • Hey Kevin,

      Wow. Thanks for the comments. We really do try to be specific but we can’t get to everything into one show. I think you will find that we are starting to circle back on some topics and covering new ground.

      I will come to the aide of LBS owners who don’t keep 9-5 or later hours on the weekends. LBS owners especially small bike shop owners are cyclists too. This is when they take the time to go ride like the rest of us. I know its a pain and I have even driven way out of my way just to get a part on a Sunday. To your credit we can do a lot to minimize this impact by keeping spares and you have great list.

      – Coach Rob

      • Thanks Rob, I do the same drive to the lbs that has the hours that works for me. hey there is a show Idea why you should be nice to bike shops hey!

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