Is fear keeping you from riding?

Although we all have a love of cycling, there are certain aspects of times when we are faced with a lot of fear when it comes to the bike.  In this podcast, our Cycling 360 team goes over some of the fears associated with cycling and helpful ways to overcome them.  Download this show and listed to Darryl, Victor, and Rob as they discuss the Fear of the Open Road, Fear of Riding in Groups, and Fear of Riding after a Crash.  Tune in and listen as they talk about:

  • Progressive steps to get out on the open road
  • Using rollers to help prepare you for group riding
  • How to “trick” yourself back onto the bike
  • Not giving in to the “what if’s”
  • Real life examples of overcoming fear

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  1. Alejandro Herrera says

    Awesome show guys, everything was perfect except one recommendation from Victor. You can´t practice with clips on the road, neighborhood or open. Sadly enough a couple of weeks ago a young doctor and beginner biker got ran over by a truck and the supposed rumor is that he took his clips for the first time on the road. Couldn´t unclip and fell. For practice you have closed roads, parking lots or whatever, but never on a road where motor vehicles may transit at speeds that can cause damage. for the rest, the awesomeness of your podcast is as usual

    • That’s terrible.

      I agree that you should practice on a closed street. Even better hire a teacher and avoid some of the learning curve.

      Thanks for the comment


      • Unfortunately, I have been dealing with fear. Continuation of a prior post – Having fallen several times while learning to clip in and out, I am now in rehab. I am recovering from tears in the shoulder, bicep and delt on the left. No one has addressed the rider that uses left and right almost equally depending on the situation. Thus, the falls. I have had to start from the beginning and got on my road bike only to say I can. It is now on the trainer and I am on the cruiser.

        • Karen

          That sounds like a rough time. Keep us posted on your recovery.

          As for right and left. I strongly suggest that you practice and master one leg first. It can take quite some time depending on how focused you are on the task.

          Try repeating the same movement for a short period, say 2-3 minutes, then stop.

          You can do this even with out clipping in on your cruiser or even stationary.

          Your body has to build up the neural pathways to fire those muscles at the appropriate moment and this take time and practice.

          You will get there, I am sure of that.

          Thanks for listening



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