Improve your handling skills

Learn to be a better cyclist by improving your bike handling skills

Bike handling is one of those things that cyclists hear about or may have tried to improve but usually aren’t sure where to begin. In our latest podcast Coach Rob and Victor talk about how to devlop your bike handling skills. Join Victor and Rob for a tip filled show covering:

  • Basics of bike handling
  • Cornering/Steering
  • Braking
  • Climbing/Descending
  • Pack Riding
  • Sprinting
  • Averting accidents
  • And the Quicktip

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  1. Stephen Champion says

    Just wanted to say a huge thanks from a 43 year old road cycling novice, I have learnt so much from you guys! It would have took years in the saddle to pick up this stuff. Please keep it up! Even the basic stuff like how not to drift out when looking behind you, vital info. Thanks! Steve U.K.

  2. Btw, is it just me who can’t find a twitter icon on his page?

    • You are correct. I need to do some work to the site. We had to move web hosts recently and I am still working on the site. Sorry. Check us out at @cycling360

  3. Victor and Rob, thank you so much for this episode. I’ve been listening to your show for a while and loved most of the episodes but this particular episode is just so useful. I’ve just started taking cycling seriously and I just want to remember all the tips you guys gave in this episode. Now I’m waiting for your shots on descending as well!

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