How to deal with a creaky bike

Creaky SeatpostDoes your bike have an annoying creak every time you hit a bump or stand up on the pedals?

Most bikes at some point will develop an annoying creak. These are usually warning signs that something is about to break and it should not be ignored.

In this quick tip Victor attempts to answer a question that came in on our Facebook page.

Hi Guys Any tip on how to diagnose unwelcome noises on a bike? My¬†bike has developed a noise when I go over bumps. Not always and seems better when out of the saddle, so I’m concentrating on that area but everything seems tight? Thanks again for the great podcast.



Victor mentioned the Classes over at The Fluent Cyclist. Here is the link


  1. I recently started hearing a loud and incredibly annoying click when I would ride my bicycle. It audible click would not only occur every pedal revolution, but it seemed to reverberate through the entire bike… and my body. It was seriously driving me inside… and I couldn’t figure out where the click was coming from. After replacing my chain, rear cassette, rear tire, seat post clamp and pedals in an attempt to fix the problem, the issue persisted. Finally, I figured out that the problem was the thread on my left crankshaft. The thread had become slightly worn… and so the left pedal was clicking inside the crankshaft as I pedaled. I needed to replace my crankshaft! Not a cheap solution.. but it was worth it to get rid of that horrible click.

  2. i can’t believe how timely this podcast was…. I love you guys and get something out of each podcast, but this one was extra special. I listened to this podcast and was immediately able to fix a creak that appeared after my tuneup a couple days prior. Saved me going back to my mechanic for a slightly loose front wheel :-). Many thanks for all your work, I’m going straight to the contribution link !

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