Getting Older on the Bike

Everyone gets older

Even cyclists. In today’s episode, Darryl and Victor discuss a topic they each know all too well. Getting old on the bike. They cover important topics including:

Adapting your training to the need for more recovery

Some changes to the way you approach training can keep your riding more enjoyable

The importance of off the bike training

Sometimes it is the first to go, but off the bike training can be a real asset when you are adapting as you get older. But, the off the bike training you do as an older cyclist might be different from what you did in your youth,

Body changes as you age

Noone wants to talk about it, but sometimes we gain weight as we age. You might need to adjust your riding and bike to fit who you are now. You should also be aware of changes to your sight and hearing as you age.

Building toward your goals

You may need to create a more specific and targeted plan as a older cyclist whereas when you were young you could tackle anything without planning for it.

Not giving up on your goals just because you are getting older

Just because you are older, does not mean your goals have to change. You just have to plan better. Riding smarter can make up for not being able to ride as hard!

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  1. Mary Ross says

    The aging cyclist presentation was not useful , it was depressing. Getting my eyes check as I age is not rock science. How about real tips like strength training climbing tips stretching tips

    • Mary

      Thanks for the note. We will try and do better in the future.

    • Jim Cross says

      It was rather depressing. I’m turning 70 in August. I just returned from a six day bike tour in northern Italy. It was a great experience! I have only been cycling about ten years but hope to cycle at least ten more years. I think you need to interview someone who’s been there and is doing cycling at an older age. I ride about 100 miles a week when the weather is good and spent time strength training and i boring spin class when I can’t ride outside. Dexter would be a resource for thoughts on exercise and nutrition.

      • Hey Jim

        In retrospect, I can see how this episode might come across as depressing.
        No one wants to think about getting older on the bike.

        But hey the reality is that we are all getting older and we do need to make adjustments to how we train. I do know a lot of athletes that do amazing things in thier 70s and 80s. Like my friend Kevin that is in his mid 70’s and does Ironmans (plus he has an aortic stent too). He is an aspiring case and a reminder that we can still do all those things we did before we just need to have a new perspective.

        Thanks so much for listening and taking the time to write in. Sounds like a great vacation.



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