Finding Freedom on and off the Bike

Ask pretty much any cyclist to describe what cycling feels like, and odds are that the word Freedom will come up.  Darryl agrees, but he also wanted to talk to you about creating freedom in more areas of your life.

Listen in to this quick tip podcast as he explains the value of freedom both on and off the bike.

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  1. Freedom is a large part of why I’ve been bicycle touring all around the world for the last 14+ years. People (my mother especially) always ask me when I’m going to get a “real job,” but doing so would mean giving up so much of the freedom I’ve worked so hard to create.

  2. Freedom is certainly an central way of expressing the experience cycling provides and permeates other aspects of one’s life. I have often thought and even express in poetry how cycling has become more than a way of living life more fully, it is also a rich metaphor for contemplating life at its best.

    Allaying my anxious cadence,
    dispelling shadowy realms;
    as breath meets breath
    heaven and earth intersect.

    stanza 8 of “The Ride”


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