Crashing: The Sequel

It’s the topic that nobody really wants to talk about, but here we are doing a podcast on it once again.  This is our second podcast on the topic of crashing, and it comes following a crash that our very own Coach Rob had recently.  Luckily Rob is okay, but as a result of this crash he has a whole lot of important information to share with all our listeners.

This time around, we are focusing on specific aspects about what to do should you crash and how to ensure you respond in a safe and effective manner.  This information could very well help save you from serious damage and get you back on your bike as fast as possible.

Included in this podcast:

  • Assessing yourself (or another rider) following a crash
  • How to make sure that adrenaline is not masking an injury
  • Checking for broken bones
  • The physical and cognitive signs of a concussion
  • The various grades of concussion and what to look for
  • The ideal treatment for concussions and other injuries
  • Replacing your helmet following a crash
  • Road rash and wound care
  • All this and much more crash related information, including our 360 Quick Tip

Additional Links:

 The Cycling 360 Podcast on Crashing Part 1

Saul Raisin’s information on head injuries


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  1. I did hit my head but that is not my helmet! Glad I didn’t hit my head that hard, ouch!


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