Bike Mechanic Tips for Non-Mechanics

Bike Mechanic Tips for Non-Mechanics

If you’re a cyclist who doesn’t feel much like a mechanic, you’re not alone.  Our very own co-host, Darryl is ashamed to say that he doesn’t know much about fixing bikes….well, until now.

In this cycling 360 quick cast, Darryl explains how he used to always take his bike to a local bike shop for tune ups and repairs but now that he’s living in the Caribbean that isn’t really an option.

He’s begun doing many of his own repairs and even fixing bikes for other people through his Mocha Spoke business.  He’s learned a lot about how to make bike mechanics much simpler and he shares his tips with you in this quick podcast.

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  1. Paul Montgomery says


    Great show.

    Having trouble downloading older shows like this one – just says “waiting for available socket”.

    Can u help with this?

    • Hi Paul

      I looked into it and it seems to be working fine right now. Not sure why you are having trouble. Let us know if it continues



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