Apps for Cyclists

Apps for Cyclists

As technology continues to expand, so does the number of apps available.  Darryl may not be an app expert, but he does know which ones you might want to try out to work with your cycling.

In this quickcast, Darryl goes over 5 great cycling apps to consider using.

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Top 5 Cycling Apps

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  1. Jaime Dickson says

    Hey Victor and Darryl. Just wanted to congratulate you for your humble and gracious response to Tony’s comment. In my experience, it’s rare to see that kind of feedback (which in itself was well put) actually listened to and graciously replied to. That kind of attitude will serve you guys well, will promote a good relationship with your audience, and will undoubtedly improve your show. Good on you guys. Jaime D (one of your Aussie listeners).

    • Wow, we really appreciate that Jaime. Thanks for taking the time to give us those kind words. Victor and I really do want everyone to become better cyclists and will do what we can to help make that happen.


  2. A very disappointing podcast with no real attempt to review or explain the pros and cons of each app. A discussion on the virtues of a Garmin -v- an app might also have been of interest. Sorry guys but this was way below your normal high quality podcasts. It sounded like you put this out because you have to put something out each week. To be honest, if you are only throwing something together to hit a deadline, better not to bother.

    Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I really look forward to your podcasts and quick tips each week,

    • Tony, Thanks very much for your honest feedback. We will try and do better next time.

    • Hi Tony,

      Thanks for being one of our listeners and thanks for the honest feedback on this one. It’s my fault….talking about all those apps and trying to keep it short for the quickcast didn’t go very well together.
      I’ll be sure to keep the quick tips to something short.



  3. You forgot the best one available, the Runtastic Road or Mountain Bike Pro.

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